Sat, Nov 16, 2019
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Dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers

METal events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaborations.


It is my first time attending a METal Event how do I register for an event?
METal is accepting prospective membership requests by people who have been invited by current METal members and have filled out the Guest Request Form. We will be processing new prospective member requests in the order they are received. If you are attending a METal event for the first time please fill out the Guest Request Form to initiate the membership review process. Once you have filled out the Guest Request Form you will be able to access the METal Website and Join and Register to the METal Events.
I attended my first METal Event, What Next?

What you need to do after attending your first METal event as a guest:

You were invited to one of our events as a guest and now you’re interested in the process of becoming a METal member. METal requires all guests after their first attendance to a METal event to make a decision of becoming a member or not. If the guest chooses to become a member, the process will begin with the METal Trial Program. 

The process of becoming a member takes approximately up to three weeks. During this processing time you may continue attending the METal Saturday event as a prospective member (guest). A METal Membership Quality Board has been established to ensure each prospective member meets the quality standards of participating in a METal Membership. It will be required for you, a prospective member, to participate by attending the METal Saturday Events during this Trial period. It is also required for the prospective member to meet with a minimum of five METal members during this Trial period. The process for prospective members is listed below. Any invited individual over 21 years of age may become a member of METal.

  • Trial period is 3 consecutive Saturday Events beginning the following Saturday Event after attending your first METal Saturday Event.
  • Your first time visit is at the full guest rate of $50 with an RSVP ”YES”
  • It’s the responsibility of you, the prospective member, to decide if you would like to file for a METal membership by notifying a METal staff member at the end of the event.
  • You may then sign up for the METal Trial Program on that day or before entering your next METal Saturday Event.
  • The Trial Program fee is $200 (non refundable) which ONLY covers three (3) consecutive METal Saturday Events at the member rate.
  • If you choose not to initiate the METal Trial you will not have to pay the additional fee and will not be allowed to attend any METal International events until the following quarter (4 months later from this date.)

If the Trial period is extended due to a delay in the MMQB’s decision, you may continue attending the METal Saturday Event as a guest at the guest fee rate of $50 until the approval process is completed. If you are not approved you will no longer be able to attend any METal Events for a six month period.

Note: Those Partaking in the Trial Program are not considered METal Members. At all times during the Trial Program, you shall adhere to the Code of Conduct located on the METal website (the “Code of Conduct’). METal reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the Code of Conduct upon written notice to you. A notice on your profile shall be deemed proper. We reserve the right to refuse anyone regarding membership, trial program, or event access.

Becoming a METal Member
If you are interested in becoming a METal Members, prospective members will need to complete the METal trial program and will be asked to fill out the Membership Request Form and Questionnaire. The Prospective members will be notified as the request is approved by the METal Membership Quality Board. The METal community is an exclusive membership group for C-level executives and business owners who are established and pursuant in their business.

If you are a guest (non-member) interested in attending the events and partaking in the membership process, in order to qualify to be an active METal Member, you must meet the criteria as a c-level executive or own the business with more than 2+ years if you are a start-up.

Anyone in the service based industry, must meet the criteria of at least 5+ years of experience in your industry or own the business, and/or the highest level of recommendations from 10 veteran METal Members.

Anyone in the financial base industry, must meet the criteria of at least 10+ years of experience in your industry or own the business, and/or the highest of recommendations from 10 veteran METal members.

If you meet these criteria, please know that you will need to partake in the trial program and membership process. If you do not meet these criteria or are not interested in the membership process, you are welcome you to attend the METal events as a guest every 4 months from your last attendance on.

During the trial period, a prospective member may continue attending the METal Saturday Events as a guest until further notice. If you have completed the trial program please fill out the Membership Request Form.

METal Saturday Events

METal Saturday Events are an exclusive gathering of and for dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers in the media, entertainment and technology space. The METal Events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaborations.

With over fifty events per year, the METal International events have become a marquee of networking and knowledge sharing. Take a look at who’s speaking at our weekly event, the METal Saturday Event.

Invited prospective members (guests) and METal members may attend the METal Saturday Events. METal members receive a discounted rate of $35 and prospective members pay a $50 entrance fee. Member's who RSVP “NO” or RSVPs after 6pm will incur a $5 additional fee at the door.

Note: Currently the METal Saturday Event is for men over 21 years of age only.

METal Saturday Event RSVPs

We ask members and non-members to RSVP to the METal Saturday Event only to establish a headcount for allocated space and breakfast services. Non-member guests must be invited by a METal member and fill out the GUEST Request Form in order to attend. 

METal Saturday Event Fees:

METal Members: $35 with an RSVP”YES” –  $40 at the door with no RSVP/late RSVP

Prospective Members (guests): $50 with an RSVP “YES”

Note: We do not accept RSVPs after 6pm the Friday before the event. If you do bring a guest and do not have them fill out this GUEST Request Form before 6pm Friday METal cannot guarantee your guests entrance into the event. If you, a member do not RSVP “YES” before 6pm on Friday, you will incur a “at the door” fee of $40. This specific METal International event is for men over 21 years old only. There are no exceptions.

I am member and would like to update my Member Profile Information.
If you are an existing member and do not have access to the private METal Members website you will need to update the profile information we have on you. You can update your member profile info using our Member Info Update form (HERE). Please be as clear and specific as you can. This will only benefit yourself and all METal members if we keep our profiles up to date. Make sure you use a clear closeup of your face for a photo and a current details biography of yourself. Once you have submitted this form you’ll receive an email with your login information to access the private METal members site.
FastPass Enabled ID

FastPass is an available option on the METal Membership account. This FastPass gives members access to the FastPass entrance avoiding the potentially long check in lines.

What is the METal Membership Card for?

  • Each new and current METal member will receive a METal Membership Card.
  • The METal ID card will be the responsibility of each METal member.
  • The ID card has a replacement fee of $25
  • In order to access the event using the FastPass line, the ID card must have FastPass activated and the available balance of the FastPass activated ID card must be a minimum of one METal Saturday Event fee.
  • In the future this card will gain members discounts at local restaurants, and gyms and movies….  + many more…  (METal Perks)

How do I get a METal ID card?

  • Requires a METal Membership.
  • Once your membership is approved you can pick up your METal Membership ID Card at your next METal Saturday Event.

How do I activate the FastPass option?

  • This option enables members to prepay a minimum of $140 (equal to one month of METal Saturday Events) onto the METal Membership ID card activating the FastPass feature. This can be done at a METal Saturday Event or you may contact us for online payment. If you already have access to the private members site then please submit a Support Ticket for a FastPass request.
  • Available FastPass balances are not refundable and cannot be transferred to or used for membership payments.
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